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I recently read an article about women in California being assaulted and raped by an Uber driver. A few things come to mind about this situation. First off, he’s a true scumbag preying on young ladies who were looking to have an evening out and enjoy themselves. Trying to do right and not drive, they called Uber. Secondly, he’s an illegal alien and doesn’t have the right to work here in the first place, shame on Uber for that one. Third, part of the blame can be directed at California even. Being a sanctuary state gives illegal aliens the feeling of not having to worry about deportation or any serious consequences to their actions.

In this story there’s plenty of blame to go around of course but one other fact sticks out to me. These women, drinking and partying or not, are still responsible for their personal safety and nowhere in either of the stories I read, were they able to fend of the dirtbag that assaulted and stole from them. He was caught of course, he’s not a rocket scientist. He drive’s for Uber so they do have him on file and waits outside of bars for young ladies so he was an easy catch. Like many stories I hear about and read nowadays, all I can think of is that it never had to happen in the first place.

Catching bad guys and scumbags after the deeds are done is great, I applaud the authorities that are able to do so but in my humble opinion, we would all be better off if we were able to stop the violence and assaults before they actually take place. He’s not a professional criminal so there is little chance he could have fended off either a Taser or a shot to the face of either Mace or on the of Wildfire Pepper Sprays or Gels.

In the enclosed backseat of a car, the only thing that matters is your safety, here and now. It doesn’t matter whether the guy is caught later, your life is undoubtedly changed forever once the deed is done. A quick shot of Pepper Gel that’s hidden in your purse or a single shot from a stun gun or a more powerful concealed Taser would allow someone to at least break free and exit the vehicle.

Too many stories I read in the paper or online and see on the daily news revolve around women or girls being attacked and what efforts are being put into catching the perpetrator. If every mom, every dad, every college student and every young woman took a little time and effort to learn some of the simple, easy and inexpensive ways to protect themselves, many of these stories would end differently.

Tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays, pepper gels, and even the small batons for personal safety give everyone a chance to alter the outcome of many, not all, personal attacks. The repercussions of not being able to defend yourself are long lasting, mental, physical, emotional and can easily affect the choices you make for the rest of your life. Why not take a minute, do a little research and protect yourself, maybe YOUR story can end differently!


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