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Welcome to usdefend’s blog! We will be adding content and posts often to keep you informed and help you evaluate different products for different scenarios. Our intent is simple; we wish to help everyone possible to protect themselves, their families and their property. Although there are many many ways to do so, we feel that responding to most threats without having to use lethal force is the way to go. Anytime you have to use lethal force, repercussions may have the effect of damaging your life, freedom, career, etc. but we strongly believe that if necessary, do whatever it takes to keep yourself and your family safe from deadly intent.

My name is John and I am the President of usdefend as well as a small business owner, homeowner, husband, step-father, military veteran and motorcycle enthusiast. As well as being trained by the US Army and National Guard in self-defense, I currently hold 2 different concealed carry licenses from different states for firearms.

I wanted to let you know a bit about me so that the posts I make and the stories I relate make sense to you and you understand that my motivation for our entire site is to keep you safe from harm, both you and those you love, without destroying your future in the process.

The Declaration of Independence assures us of our God given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The founding fathers originally had written, Life, Liberty and Property but changed the latter to pursuit of Happiness since not everyone’s idea of Happiness is owning property. Leaving that out, we are guaranteed, as U.S. citizens, the right of life and liberty. Our site, usdefend, makes no distinction between U.S. Defend and usdefend because to defend ourselves (us) is also to defend the U.S. (all of us). It is our God given right and if we exercise this right, when absolutely necessary, our country is better for it.

Many people have said, “turn the other cheek”, “it’s only money, they need it more than I do”, “there isn’t any possession worth dying for”. I  agree with all those statements while also believing that in certain dire situations, defending yourself & your family from theft, bodily harm, rape or worse is not only acceptable, it’s the only response you can have that will allow you to remain with your family, friend’s and living on God’s green earth.

Living safer, being able to be secure in the knowledge that our loved ones remain safe, healthy and happy, is where true Happiness is. So when you are defending yourself against anyone that would take your life, your loved one’s life, your freedom or a loved one’s freedom or in a real and tangible way, threaten the pursuit of Happiness that you seek, DEFEND YOURSELF.


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