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Self Defense and Pepper Spray

Many think of Mace brand items when they think of pepper sprays or self defense sprays but there are more available and not all are created equal. I carry a Wildfire Pepper gel in the car simply as an addition to other defense products. Many times, our security is at risk in the car and we are trapped basically. Wildfire Pepper Gel or Mace Pepper Gel are arguably the best thing you can carry in an enclosed environment.

The gel, instead of disbursing and being blown around by wind, shoots forth as a sticky substance that adheres immediately to skin and can’t be wiped or washed off too easily. Trying to rub it away or wash it off just reactivates the pepper and it continues working. Plenty of time to leave the scene and make yourself safe. They shoot only 6-8 feet but you have multiple shots per can, depending on size and are easily concealed in your vehicle or in your purse or pocket.

Sine its not a mist, it won’t blow back into your vehicle and you will still be able to see to drive away. For carrying in the open air, I would recommend either a Mace or Wildfire Police grade spray since it will shoot further, give you at least 10 bursts of one second each and help fend off multiple aggressors if needed.

A combination of items for different situations is best to contemplate. What is good in one situation is not always good in another but the gel is great for enclosed spaces, your limited to distance basically, and volume. Once you leave your vehicle, either a spray or pepper shot or Taser/stun gun will have further reach and allow you to escape harm as well. Try to imagine different scenarios and think about what your safety is worth. The gels and sprays are very very inexpensive personal protection that lasts many months or years before you need to replace, another reason to consider them as a basis for your own non lethal protection plan.

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