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Tasers and Personal Security

I’d like to talk about Tasers in this post. In critical life threatening situations there are multiple ways to effectively defend yourself and one of the most effective without doing permanent harm is using a Taser.

Long help up as the Gold Standard for stunning someone, police departments the world over carry the Taser brand and a lot of times, carry the X26 Taser. The models vary in duration, how many probes, how many seconds it will incapacitate an attacker, etc.

If you purchases a Taser, along with a few extra cartridges, you have years worth of protection available that can be carried without a license, permit or permission in many many more areas than you can a firearm. Whether you agree with “Safe Zones” as far as firearms are concerned, one thing everyone should agree on is that in a few of the mass shooting incidents, even a pepper spray or stun gun or Taser would have effectively saved a few lives. In the case of the Vegas shooting, nothing we can do could have stopped that but the nightclub in Florida, school shootings, even the church shootings, critical time could have been gained by blinding the shooter with a pepper spray or stunning him with either a powerful stun gun or a Taser unit that shoots from 50 times to 500 times depending on model as long as you have extra cartridges. If you decide not to carry extra cartridges, ones it shoots the barbs out, the unit becomes one of the most powerful stun guns in the world and will still incapacitate for 30 seconds at a time. 30 seconds is a lifetime in those situations, allowing yourself and how many others to get to safety. Amazing that these units can be utilized and not more carry them yet!

Your ultimate goal in personal security is to protect yourself, your loved ones and if possible, others in danger. Whichever system of non-lethal self defense you utilize, you are buying the ability to possibly save lives. Yours, your loved ones and possibly others.

Utilizing firearms to repel attacks is allowed in many states but the laws are so convoluted and change so constantly it’s hard to know whether to pull the trigger whether its a mass hooting or self defense situation. Utilizing a Taser, no brainer, there is no permanent harm but there is immediate safety for you. I personally hold 2 different states carry concealed licenses and yet I still carry Wildfire Pepper Gel and a Taser Bolt at different times because of the legalities.

Remember, being armed to defend yourself is a right but it’s also a responsibility. Carry legally and always be ready to use what system you carry. Most people I talk to, when really digging deep, don’t think they can pull a trigger and take a life but I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t believe they can fire a Taser or shoot someone with a spray.

Over 80% of shootings in America happen inside a space that can fit inside a standard living room. If you think you can pull a gun to defend yourself, think about using a Taser or spray. At those distances, effectiveness is just as good and you don’t have to worry about going to jail afterward. Once again, the goal is your safety, not permanently injuring or killing your attacker. Your safety is really all that matters but it’s important you have your freedom afterwards too!

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